#10 D.I.Y Man Cave Ideas

Top #10 D.I.Y Man Caves

Admittedly, we’ve been guilty recently of posting far too many Man Caves on our social media that the average bloke probably couldn’t build himself. After all, most of us aren’t carpenters and contractors, right?

Our purpose for founding AMAHC was to make blokes lives’ easier when they built their own Man Caves. We know how rewarding building your own Man Cave can be, and know how difficult it is to come up with ideas as well as find all the items you need. We started AMAHC to solve these very problems.

So today we’re all about celebrating the DIY Man Caves. Today we’re celebrating the Man Caves that the average bloke can create with his own 2 hands.

But what exactly do we mean by DIY? Different men have different skills.

There are definitely gents reading this right now who are literally the Aussie Ron Swanson and could probably build the Sydney Opera House with their bare hands.

Thus, our criteria for DIY is simple…

If we can help you build it in any way, then it qualifies as a DIY Man Cave.

Here are 10 Awesome DIY Man Caves You Could Build

1. The Double Garage

To kick things off, let’s chat about something many of us have - a double garage!

If you only own one car, then this is super easy to recreate. Just throw in a Winston Vintage Leather Couch in the other parking spot, hang a screen off the wall and a projector off the roof and you’re set! Unfortunately, we can’t help with the Porsche tho…

 The Gaming Corner | A Man & His Cave


2. The Gaming Corner 

You don’t necessarily need to have a spare room to have a Man Cave. A Man Cave is a part of your home that is your own, and where you can retreat to to unwind. 

We love what this bloke did by creating a Gaming Corner with all his favourite Arcade Machines. It ticks all the Man Cave boxes as you can destress and relax by doing something you love without taking up space you don’t have.


Premium Pool Tables | A Man & His Cave

3. The Pool Room

Yes, this room is empty but one item. However, because of that one item, it is in fact a Man Cave.

One of the most precious joys that come with having a Man Cave is being able to share it with your mates. And if you and your mates love playing pool, then a pool table is often more than enough to bring out the good times as the hours fade away.


DIY Home Theatre | A Man & His Man Cave

4. Home Theatre

It’s a huge misconception that to own a home theatre, you need to be living in a million dollar mansion full of “themed” rooms. 

Don't get me wrong, there was a time when this was actually the case. Have you seen The Aviator with DiCaprio and Straya's very own Cate Blanchett? DiCaprio’s character, Howard Hughes, had a sick home theatre like most other billionaires at the time.

But the truth is you can easily recreate such a Home Theatre today with some high-quality, comfortable recliners, and a great projector and screen. We really like the example in this picture. Beautiful yet easy to do!


The Ultimate Aussie Man Cave | Dog In Man Cave

5. The Box Ticker

Guys often tell us, “I know what I want, but I’m overwhelmed by the pressure of taking on the interior design process.”

Don’t be afraid to tick the boxes. As long as you stick to a colour palette that blends in together, then you can have everything you want in a room and it’ll look good!

This image is a great example of how you can have everything you want without the fanfare. He’s got an awesome set of recliners to relax in, a kegerator that’s probably gushing with schooners, his best friend beside him, and his favourite sport on the screen

This Man Cave ticks all the boxes and so our man is happy. And that’s what matters most.


Whiskey Room | A Man & His Man Cave

6. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Bourbon🥃 and Cigars 🚬.

Sometimes, all you want from your Man Cave is a place where you can sit in silence while you smoke your cigar and drink your whiskey.

You’ve had a hard day of graft and just want a moment where the world is calm and you feel like a king.

Like the owner of this Man Cave, you want a classy couch to settle in and a cowhide rug beneath your feet to remind you that nothing can hold you back.

Oh, and don’t forget your Bourbon🥃 and Cigars 🚬…


Outdoor Man Cave | BBQ & TV Setup

7. The Outdoor Man Cave

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a Man Cave has to be indoors. A Man Cave can be anything that you enjoy.

And for many men, getting out the grill and cooking up a storm with their mates is the best use of a Saturday afternoon!

An incredibly simple and effortless DIY Man Cave idea!


Neon Back Yard | A Man & His Man Cave

8. The Neon Night

The classic backyard bar that neighbours and cousins congregate to every Friday night. It looks complicated, like it was built by years of random additions with no theme in mind.

And that’s precisely why it needed to be included. Believe it or not, you don’t need to wait 7 years for your buddy to give up his license plate, and the bar up the road to sell their jukebox, and the strip club down the road to close and leave their neon lights behind.

First, you establish your desired atmosphere with neon lights. And because music is half the atmosphere, your jukebox should preferably contain songs from this decade. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a dart board for the lols and a kegerator for the good times.


The Little Man Cave | Secret Hideaway

9. The Little Man Cave

Okay, so we’re definitely cheating with this entry. This doesn’t meet our criteria for a DIY Man Cave.

But we couldn’t help but be impressed with this little man’s ingenuity, resourcefulness, creativity, and excellent use of space. 

It encompasses everything this article is about. And that is that everyone can enjoy a Man Cave no matter the size of their home or their dexterity with a hammer and a drill.


Fancy Man Cave | A Man & His Man Cave

10. It's Okay to be Fancy

To end things off, we wanted to include something a bit more fancy.

When looking at this Man Cave, the first thing that comes to mind is “I have no clue how to lay-down a wooden laminated floor like that, nor can I compete with that excellent paint job”.

Chances are, many of you guys already have rooms in your home with perfect paint jobs and expensive flooring. And it was there when you moved in so you didn’t have to do it yourself!

We want to emphasise with this last entry that a DIY Man Cave doesn’t have to be some dark, hidden room in your house that only you and your buddies enjoy. It can also be your family room!

It can also be the living room. When you host your friends at your Man Cave, you deserve to enjoy the natural lighting coming in from the garden and the convenience of being in a central part of the house.

And there’s no harm if your wife and her friends, or your kids and their friends, love hanging out there too.

We love the couches, the cowhide rug, the foosball table, and the overall love and warmth of this DIY Man Cave.

It’s Your DIY Man Cave. You preside over it like Mufasa, and everything the light touches is yours to share.

If you’d like to get started with your own DIY Man Cave, you can find absolutely everything you need by clicking here.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 02 9055 8231 or at info@amanandhiscave.com

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