‘A Man and His Cave’ is an online entertainment and furnishing retailer based in Sydney, Australia that specialises in Man Cave products such as Kegerators, Arcade & Pinball Machines, Bar Fridges, Recliner Chairs and more. Over the past two years the team at A Man & His Cave have established themselves as Australia’s leading Man Cave supplier, building a reputation for their exceptional customer service and second to none sales advice.

Our Story

In light of COVID-19 and during the early stages of Australia's nation-wide lockdowns, ‘A Man & His Cave’ was founded. Lock-down was a time the world and individuals were forced to spend an immense amount of time alone or surrounded by family, sparking the idea amongst a group of Sydney based friends to create a space in which they could gather, relax and disengage from the noise of the pandemic. This led the group of individuals to clear out a home garage and begin completing a list of tasks in the desire of creating the “Man Cave” of their dreams. A space that could take many different forms from a quiet place to be alone, to a games room, to a home bar for socialising with each other.

However, with all this planning there was one snag that came with it! The Man Cave market did not have access to a one-stop shop in which all the products one desired could be bought from. The accessibility of products became an issue, as well as the accumulation of time and vast shipping costs that were incurred.

All things considered, the group's dilemmas sparked a story that will forever be told and Australia’s #1 Man Cave retailer was born, ‘A Man & His Cave’. A Man & His Cave allows individuals to create and escape to their own personal space, designed to help individuals unwind and destress from the strains of everyday living and also provide a private space for entertaining others.

If you have any questions about our store or products please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members via our Contact Us page, live chat, email or give us a call on 02 9055 8231. If you'd like to visit our showroom, our head office is located at the following address:

Workitspaces A2-35/39 Bourke road, Alexandria NSW 2015.

A Man & His Cave - Sydney Office Team Photo
A Man & His Cave | Team Photo