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It's Friday. You've just finished work and spend the drive home thinking about how good this first beer is going to taste. As you pull the lever a stream of ice-cold beer flows from the silver faucet and into your glass. It only tastes this good once you've earnt it.

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My mini-bar fridge has been great for this festive season, and customer service team were very responsive. 5 Stars!

Seamus Cornish

Pool Table was delivered quickly and was much easier to set up than I imagined. Thanks Guys.

Brendan Lourey

Home Theatre system has been great value! All my family and friends have been using it frequently. 

Ben Davies

How good are these guys! Brought a Kegarator for hubby for his birthday, had 100 questions and nothing was a hassle. They made sure I ordered the correct items. Everything came super quick and is beer is a hit in our house now.

Mena Heseltine

Great service Great price Our fridge arrived in two days Great after service Very happy beer drinkers

Robyn Foster

A pleasure to deal with and great after service assistance. 5

Roy Garred

need help with something?