Kegerators for home brew:

Our kegerators come fully equipped for the purpose of home brew. The only additional purchases you should make are our 19L ball lock kegs. These top of the line kegs come with a 10 year warranty and are made to be compatible to our kegerators, meaning that no additional coupler purchases are required for the purpose of home brew. This also means that you are able to fit 4 of the 19L ball lock kegs in any Series X Kegerator fridges or 3 ball lock kegs in any of the Series 4 Kegerator fridges. 


Kegerators for commercial keg use:

All of our kegerators can be used for commercial keg consumption. The only add ons you will be required to purchase are the A, D or S type kegerator couplers. All of the kegerators can hold one 50L commercial keg. The Series 4 can hold two 20L commercial kegs, while the Series X can hold three 20L commercial kegs at once.


Coupler Information:

Couplers are required for commercial keg use. Below is a list of the beer brands that are compatible to each coupler. You will need to purchase 1 coupler per tap in use. 
D type coupler:

4 Pines
Carlton Draught
Cricketers Arms
Crown Lager
Fat Yak
Great Northern
Mountain Goat
Pure Blonde
Reschs Draught
Tiger Beer

A type Coupler:
5 Seeds
Balmain Brewing
Bridge Road
Bundaberg & Cola
Canadian Club
Hills Cider
James Boags
James Squire
Little Creatures
Two Birds
White Rabbit
Young Henrys
As you can see the big brands are split down the middle between the A and D type couplers. You can operate up to three 20L commercial kegs at once in our series X triple or quadruple tap kegerators, therefore it may be best to purchase 1 of each coupler so you don't miss out on any of the above beer brands. Alternatively if you're set on your favourite beer brand it would be in your best interest to purchase the same coupler for all of the taps. These couplers are easy to attach and detach you would just have to make sure that the appropriate beer brand is attached to the appropriate coupler

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. What's the difference between the Series 4 and Series X kegerator?
The Series X is a much more modern model of the Series 4. The Series X has 15% faster cooling whilst being 10% more energy efficient. It can also fit four 19L ball lock kegs for home brew in comparison to three from the Series 4 and three 20L commercial kegs as opposed to two.
2. Are there any purchases you'd recommend to help manage the upkeep of the kegerator?
The beer line cleaner we offer in our kegerators extra section is always great to have. It removes protein soil and staining, baked on carbon, and fatty acids.
3. Which CO2 gas cylinder should I choose and how long do they last?
Each kegerator product page has the option to BYO (bring your own) CO2 gas, add a full 2.6kg C02 gas cylinder or add a full 6kg gas cylinder. The 2.6kg gas cylinder lasts for 3-4 50L commercial kegs depending on spillage and the 6kg will do 6-8 50L kegs. 
4.How long does it take for the kegs to cool?
It is quite hard to say as it depends on how they've previously been stored but kegs at room temperature take approximately 6 hours to cool.
5. How long can kegs be stored in the fridge?
Rule of thumb is 6 weeks. After 6 weeks flavours start to fade, oxidization occurs, and the protein structure that gives the beer body starts to break down.
6. How do I clean my beer lines? And how often 
Beer can cause starch buildup in your beer lines if this isn't cleaned often enough. 'So how do I clean my beer lines?' We've taken the guess work out of cleaning your beer lines with our Kegerator Cleaning Package. This package includes everything you'll need to clean your beer lines from A-Z. It's recommended that you clean your beer lines after the use of every full 50lt keg (or the equivalent in litres).