5 Things Your Man Cave Needs

5 Things Your Man Cave Needs

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We say this so often that it’s become overplayed, but your Man Cave is an extension of YOU! A Man’s Man Cave is his sanctuary - it is where he goes to decompress from a long hard day at work.  It is where he goes to connect with his mates. It is where he goes to watch his favourite footy team (and where he stays to console himself when they get beaten).  

It’s also where he explores his hobbies, and where his next great business idea will come to him. And that’s why it is essential that a Man’s sanctuary properly represents his personality!  But... whilst a Man Cave should be designed according to the personality of each unique individual, there are certain items that are universal.  It’s hard to go wrong having these items in your Man Cave no matter your personality, as you will always find use for them one way or the other. These items are that cool!


Of course we’re gonna start with The Kegerator, mate! It’s so blatantly cool that we might as well get it out of the way from the start. 

The Kegerator is not only a staple for every Man Cave because of how convenient it is having a machine from which ice cold tap beer pours on command… It also SAVES you money in the long run. 

Saving money with your kegerator

The Maths is simple - a Keg provides far more beer per dollar spent than buying a slab, or buying beer in literally any other form. Which means that every time you walk over to your Kegerator and pour yourself a coldie, you are saving money as that glass of beer would have cost you more had you simply bought a bottle from the store.  

Eventually, with all that money saved, the Kegerator pays for itself, and actively starts saving you money with each glass. You’re probably gonna be drinking the same amount of booze either way, mate. Might as well save as you do it!

2. Pool Tables

Quite simply put - it’s a game everyone loves. There is a reason why every bar across the world has a pool table - everybody knows how to play! 

So it’s a perfect medium through which people can connect. Let’s be honest, Men love to talk. But they need something to do while talking. 

why we need pool tables

We can watch the footy, put some meat on the barbie, or simply play a game of pool. Do you have a big idea for the company that you want to run by your boss? Invite him over for a beer and a game of pool! 

Is your nephew having a hard time answering questions in job interviews and is in need of some guidance? Invite him over for a beer and a game of pool! 

Has your mate been going through a bit of a mid-life crisis, and needs someone to open up to?  Invite him over for a beer and a game of pool! No matter the situation, the Pool Table is the great conversation starter of our time.   And one hell of a cool thing to have in any Man Cave!

3. Arcade Machines

To speak frankly, this one seems like a no-brainer. Arcade Machines are f*cking awesome! 

Sometimes you need to switch off and get lost in video games that don’t require much focus and investment.  

You need to play something that comes naturally to you. Something 2nd nature. 

Something from your childhood…


With an Arcade Machine, you can get lost in the games you grew up with from Ms PacMan, to Street Fighter, to Galaga, to Donkey Kong, to thousands more! 

 It’s the perfect way to spend your day off from work, or unwind after an intense Grand Final!


Comfort is King, mate. You don’t merely want a place to sit when you’re chilling in your Man Cave. You want a place to truly unwind and rest. And sometimes your Man Cave is the only place you can get a good nap without being disturbed. 

 So be prepared for the inevitable and get yourself a comfortable, high quality couch!



Tbh, this one is less about you and more about what it will do for you. Eventually, there will come a time when you are expected to host a big party in your Man Cave. 

So when that moment arises, add some much needed character to your Man Cave by playing music from a Jukebox rather than an ordinary speaker. 

If you ever want to relax with a glass of wine and listen to a few of the classic tunes, it comes in handy then too!


If you’d like to enjoy the coolest Man Cave out of all your mates, you can find all the products you need by clicking here. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 02 9055 8231

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