How to Use Your Man Cave to Play Pub Golf: Everything Explained

How to Use Your Man Cave to Play Pub Golf: Everything Explained

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How to Use Your Man Cave to Play Pub Golf: Everything Explained Rules


Just like you, I am looking forward to the day that we can return to normal. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. Covid is still an issue in several parts of the world, which means we all need to remain careful with how we conduct ourselves. That means a popular game like Pub Golf (that encourages Bar Hopping) will need to be put off for a little longer... UNLESS! We adjust some of the rules so everyone can remain Covid compliant. How can we do that? Here are five rule changes that I believe will make Pub Golf an enjoyable game at home.


NOTE: This article is going to assume that you know how to play Pub Golf. If you are not sure on the rules, you can learn the Pub Golf Rules here to play.

Rule #1 Home Field Penalty

1. Institute a Home Field Advantage Penalty

The first thing your friends might say is, “you'll have home field advantage.” While most sports will give an advantage to the player with home field, I think it would be much more interesting if we give the home team a disadvantage. They do not have to drive anywhere to get home, so they can drink however much they want. Disadvantages could include more Water Hazards on their card, larger par numbers or surprise drinks.


Rule #2 New Room = New Hole

2. Make Each Hole a Different Room in the House or Section of the Man Cave

To help replicate the feeling of bar hopping, you can make each hole a different room in the house or section of the Man Cave. To make it easier, you can place a cooler, bar fridge or kegerator in each room or section and stock it with the drink of choice. This will help encourage people to remain distant while keeping the spirit of the game intact.


Rule #3 New Hole/New Drink

3. Make Each Hole a Different Drink

If you are looking to keep your pub golfing group on the smaller side, you can keep all of your mates in your Man Cave and make all of your holes a different drink. You could even encourage all of your mates to bring a drink of their choice; potentially opening everyone's eyes to something new. Make sure everyone talks to each other first so you all can account for personal preferences and foul choices in the drink selection. You don't want to accidentally trigger an allergic reaction in someone.


Rule #4 Institute Mini-Games

4. Institute Mini-Games at Each Hole

While the spirit of the game is to drink and socialize, you can also incorporate other activities into the sport. For example, you can take two par off of a player's final score if they beat a certain score level in any of your arcade games. If they take top position, take four par off of their score. Maybe a hole could include a game of team flip cup; giving the winning team minus two par. Because pub golf is being played in your Man Cave, you can include as many boost to their score as you want.


Rule #5 Easy To Spot Penalties

5. Penalties Should Be Something Easy to Spot

All of the Penalty Ideas in the original article are great, but you can increase the number of Penalties as well. For example, you can add two strokes to a player's final total if they place their feet on your expensive lounge furniture. Add three strokes to their final total if they lean on your kegerator. You want these penalties to come from actions that people don't typically notice that they do. This can also help enforce actions that you don't want people to do inside of your Man Cave. 


As you can see, we can still have a good time while remaining Covid compliant. All it takes is a little bit of thinking and willingness to try something different. With the recommendations we have made above, you and your mates can play Pub Golf from the comforts of your Man Cave at a time that is good for everyone. Just remember to remain safe.


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