Top #3 Reasons Why You Should Not Over Decorate Your Man Cave

Top #3 Reasons Why You Should Not Over Decorate Your Man Cave

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Top #3 Reasons Why You Should Not Over Decorate Your Man Cave

There are two critical points that every man reaches with their Man Cave – the point of satisfaction and the point of wanting to add more. While we want to always remain positive and focus on the satisfaction portion of this venture, it is also important to recognise those feelings of wanting to add more and the negative impact it could have on your room. If you are constantly adding, it could get to the point where it becomes cluttered, forcing multiple themes to clash together and leaving your mates bewildered in regards to your direction. This phenomenon is called Over decorating. It is a hard realisation to reach on your own, which is why we are creating this article. Here are three tips that will help you understand when you are over decorating.


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1. Your New Ideas Are Clashing With Your Original Goal


While you might want your Man Cave to include everything, it is physically impossible to do that. There is a such thing as a right place, right time. So when you are shopping for a new item, you should be asking yourself, “Does this fit with the kind of activities that we are consistently doing here?” As an example, if the primary use of your Man Cave is to watch all of the big Rugby and Football games, then why are you purchasing a Pac-Man poster? It will indefinitely stand out for the wrong reasons.


Now, I am not saying that you cannot enjoy a video game here and there in your Sports Themed Man Cave. What I am saying is that you should not lose focus of your primary activity. Your mates are going to expect your Man Cave to live up to the Sports Theme, and you do not want to take away from that expectation one bit. Can you imagine your local sports bar doing this?


 2. There is No Visible Wall Space


If you are covering every inch of your room with something, everything will lose its lustre in the clutter. You want every item to have its moment to shine just like you want every player on your sports team to excel in their position. In order for a person to excel in their position, they need space to do that. Just like every item in your Man Cave needs the space to be recognised for their awesomeness.


Not only will all of your items lose their chance to shine, but all of your guest will start to feel crowded in your Man Cave. This can create an unwelcoming atmosphere, forcing your group to go somewhere else for the activities you were hoping to enjoy in this space. So remember to leave space for your mates in your Man Cave.


3.You are STILL Apologising for the Room

It's one thing to apologise when you are still getting the bare structure points of the room together; everyone will understand that. But once you are at the point where people feel comfortable AND you are still apologising, you need to recognise that you are Overdecorating. And it's hard to stop the process once you get deep into it; you want your Man Cave to be the PERFECT Man Cave. You want it to have everything. But it cannot have everything. There has to be a point where you look at it and say “my goal has been reached.” 


This is where you should start limiting your Man Cave budget to one or two purchases every six months as long as you are rotating or moving items out. If you need help, it is important to reach out to someone. Find a good mate that you trust and ask them for an honest opinion. Your Man Cave will thank you in the long run.


All Man Cave constructions will come with their good times and their bad times. It is important that you are celebrating your victories while understanding your limitations and keeping your guest's comfort in mind. If you are having a hard time breaking away from the overdecorating pattern, we highly recommend that you seek a second opinion. Your best mates will want the best for you and your Man Cave because they will want to spend time with you in it. But overdecorating can deter people from your Man Cave.


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