Willie The Boatman Brewery Vlog

Willie The Boatman Brewery Vlog

We have amazing news for you guys! You all have been asking us “How can we refill our 19 litre Ball-Lock Kegs,” and now we have an answer. You can go to any of your local breweries as long as you call and ask ahead of time. Some of them might not offer the option, but others like Willie the Boatman will welcome you and your keg with open arms. And the best part? You can get whatever they have available! So what can you expect at Willie the Boatman?

Willie The Boatman A.I.B.A Awards


To give you some background, Willie the Boatman is an award-winning local brewery located in St. Peters. Their founders, Pat McInerney and Nick Newey opened shop in 2012 with a passion for brewing and a desire to deliver delicious beers – and both of these qualities are easy to spot.


Pat Mcinerney Co-founder of Willie The Boatman
We took the opportunity to talk to Pat McInerney and it was a treat! This guy oozes passion! From the way he talks about his blokes and beers to the way they keep their brewery tidy, it's easy to see how much these guys care for their brewery. They welcome everyone in with open arms and are more than willing to fill your 19 liter Ball Lock Keg. It's as easy as giving them a call so they are ready to fill you up.


Nectar Of The Hops (Gold) & Crazy Ivan (Silver)
And the delicious beers? I'll let the rewards speak on their behalf. At this year's Australian International Beer Awards, they won FOUR awards! It is THE biggest beer competition in the world! And 2500 Beers entered. So what are Willie the Boatman's winning brews?


• Nectar of the Hops (one of their most underrated brews) is a New England IPA that won Gold

• Crazy Ivan (McInerney's favorite beer) is a West Coast IPA that won Silver

• Tempe Tim (named after a friend of McInerney's) is a Pale Ale that won Bronze

• Marrickville (a beer you just kick back with) is a Lager that won Bronze

 Willie The Boatman Award Winning Beers

And all four of these beers will be available for a refill at Willie the Boatman's! Just give the staff a call and they will be ready to help you out. With a friendly staff and award-winning beers, it's easy to see why you should be getting your 19L Ball-Lock Keg filled here.


Address - Precinct 75 Suite 601, 75 Mary St, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia

Phone Number - 0413 514 026

Website – willietheboatman.com.au 

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