Just A Bit Of Everything: A Collector’s Man Cave

Just A Bit Of Everything: A Collector’s Man Cave

In the heart of Australia, nestled in the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia, you can take a peek into the extraordinary world of Steven Bartholomaeus, a true collector at heart. His man cave is a treasure trove for retro enthusiasts, featuring classic games like darts, billiards, and pinball among others. 

Steven's man cave is nothing short of a labour of love. You can practically feel the joy he must have had while meticulously curating his collections through time and crafting this haven for enthusiasts like himself. 

But here's the twist—what you see when you first enter the cave is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more lurking beneath the surface, and believe us, you'd never guess what else this bloke collects! But no worries, we're about to take you on a deep dive into the hidden treasures of Steven's man cave. So, keep reading, because you're in for a treat!

A Journey Back in Time

Australia on Tap

As a true-blue Aussie, Steven's love for a cold one is something to behold. His bar, nestled in the heart of his man cave, is like a tribute to Australian beverages. It's generously stocked with the likes of XXXX and Bundaberg beers, ensuring that anyone who walks in gets a taste of the Australian brew culture. 

But Steven's passion doesn't stop at the bottles – he's taken it a step further. His collection boasts items like the iconic Bundaberg polar bear printed on his console cabinet, and a few sightings of XXXX's legendary Mr. Fourex signage, proudly displaying these symbols of Australian beer heritage. 

It's a unique touch that adds character and authenticity to his man cave, reflecting his genuine love for all things Aussie and bevvie-related.

Games Galore

Now, let's talk about the heart and soul of Steven's man cave – the game zone. For the game table connoisseurs, this man cave is paradise.

Right at the centrepiece of his retro paradise stands a beautifully customised pool table, painted in striking shades of purple on white, instantly grabbing your attention. And this is where it gets exciting. Steven's game room is a treasure trove of entertainment with an abundance of game tables to choose from. 

Pinball Passion

Boasting not one, not two, but three pinball machines, each a portal to a different era of gaming eras. The flashing lights, catchy tunes, and the satisfying thump of the ball hitting bumpers take players on a journey back to the arcades of yesteryears. It's a piece of nostalgia that brings smiles and competitive spirits alive.

An Area for Friendly Competition

Now here we have the battlegrounds of Steven's man cave, where mates turn into competitors and friendly banter is the order of the day. If darts is more your style, a dartboard is strategically placed for precision throws and nail-biting bullseye moments.

And for those fast-paced moments, a foosball is a miniature arena where friendships are tested, alliances are formed and broken, and goals are celebrated with roars of victory. The heart-pounding action around this table is enough to ignite a competitive spirit in anyone. 

Who's up for a bit of friendly wagering? Let's spice up the competition and see who's the real champ in this joint!

Double the Arcade, Double the fun

In Steven's man cave, the arcade gaming experience is twice the fun! He's got not one, but two kinds of arcade machines to cater to everyone's gaming preferences. 

First up, there's the classic upright 2-player arcade machine, perfect for those who like to stand and immerse themselves in the action-packed gameplay.

And for those who prefer a more relaxed gaming session while seated, Steven's also got a tabletop arcade machine that provides endless entertainment. Whatever mood you’re in, Steve’s arcade machines has got you.

Retro Collectibles

Funko Fever

Just as we thought that Steven's man cave couldn’t surprise us more, he features a mini collection of Funko Pops that spans various genres sitting all across the room. From Marvel superheroes to iconic movie characters, these vinyl figurines add a playful touch to the space. Having a good look at the details of each one can definitely spark up a conversation.

Vintage Signage

The walls of the man cave tell a story of iconic brands and timeless advertising. Vintage signage from Coca Cola, Jack Daniels, and other beloved names adorn the space. These signs have weathered the years and still shine with the same charisma that made them famous. 

In the wild world of man caves, having a collection is an absolute ripper of a privilege- and Steven is a lucky lad to have a space to fill with all his treasures!



Steven Bartholomaeus' man cave is a portal to the past, where time takes a breather, memories come alive, and all things rad get their moment to shine.

Whether you're sipping on an Australian beer, challenging a friend to a game of pinball, or simply admiring the vintage collectibles, this man cave is an experience that lingers, reminding us of the beauty of nostalgia in our fast-paced world.

If you're planning to build your own man cave, take inspiration, step into the past and embrace the retro charm of Steven's remarkable man cave. It's a journey worth taking.

Discover more unique man caves and passionate collectors in our Facebook group, MAN CAVES AUSTRALIA, where you can find blokes who share the same interest and perhaps share advice if you happen to build your own man cave.

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