Footy Fever: Getting Your Man Cave Grand Final Ready

Footy Fever: Getting Your Man Cave Grand Final Ready

The AFL Grand Final, that hallowed day in the footy calendar, is almost upon us. It's the time when we dust off our guernseys, crack open a cold one, and unleash our inner footy fanatics. 

Now, if you're the proud owner of a man cave, it's your sacred duty to make it the epicenter of footy fever. You want it to be a shrine to the game, a place where your mates can gather, and where the cheers can be heard from miles away when the scores are neck and neck. 

We've scoured the footy universe to bring you the Top 5 AFL-themed items that will elevate your man cave into a footy paradise. From AFL-themed scoreboard LED clocks to bar essentials that will make your mates cheer as loud as they do at the game, we've got your Grand Final preparations sorted.

1. AFL Themed Scoreboard LED Clock: Time to Kick Off the Party

When it's Grand Final day, and the boys are rolling into your man cave decked out in their team colors, you know it's gonna be a ripper of a day. But hold on mate, before you dive headfirst into the footy frenzy, there's something you absolutely need in your man cave arsenal – the AFL-themed LED scoreboard clock. What better way to check which of your mates arrived on time for this sacred event?

This beaut doesn't just tell you the time; it throws in the date and temperature for good measure, because why not? It's like having your own little piece of the MCG right there on your wall, and it's bound to get the lads talking.

2. AFL Themed Bar Runner: Keeping the Drinks Flowing and the Cheers Coming

Mate, listen up – in every top-notch man cave, a bar isn't an option; it's a non-negotiable. But what's a bar on Grand Final Day without the right footy gear, right? An AFL-themed bar runner that not only screams footy fanatic but also serves a practical purpose: it doubles as your wingman in the spill department. Yep, it's there to soak up any drink-related casualties while you're busy crafting the perfect brew or toasting to epic victories (or dramatically drowning your sorrows).

Now it’s just you, your cold one, and that bar runner with your team's logo, creating a slide so smooth it'd make your footy idols jealous. It's the little things that make a footy-loving man cave complete, and this bar runner is right up there. Truly one of the few small pleasures that only true footy fans can appreciate. Cheers, mate! 

3. AFL Themed Dart Board and Cabinet Set: Half-Time Entertainment Sorted

Half-time during the Grand Final is a crucial moment. It's a chance to catch your breath, dissect the game, and maybe even sneak in a bit of fun. 

And apart from that exciting performance by the classic rock band KISS, this is where your AFL themed Dart Board and Cabinet Set comes into play. Challenge your mates to a game of darts and show off your team's colours with pride. While you wait for the game to resume, for now it’s just you, your mates with a cold one in hand, gathered around the dartboard, and a few friendly bets on the line. It's like being at the local pub, but without the crowd and dodgy carpet.

The cabinet, adorned with your footy team's emblem, adds a polished look to your man cave, and when the darts aren't flying, it could serve as a stylish decoration. It's a win-win—just like your team taking home the premiership cup.

4. AFL Themed Bar Stools: Sitting in Footy Style

Apart from being a space where you veg out and be your own man without anyone else telling you what to do; it's your footy sanctuary, mate! So why settle for some boring bar stools when you can have the AFL champs cheering you on, right from under your bum with these AFL themed Bar Stools?

These stools are the MVPs of your man cave, giving you the perfect spot to park your backside while you dissect every play. And when your mates pile in, they won't be able to resist striking up a chat about their team or the game. With these AFL Themed Bar Stools, you wouldn’t tell the difference between being in the actual stadium or your man cave. You can almost hear the banter and footy anthems echoing through the room!

5. AFL Bar Essentials Pack: The Final Touches for Footy Perfection

You've got your clock, your bar runner, your dart board, and your bar stools—your man cave is nearly there. But to truly nail the Grand Final atmosphere, you need the AFL bar essentials pack

This pack includes AFL themed stubby holders, a bar mat, and two glasses. Whether you're serving up cold beers or mixing cocktails, these accessories add a touch of footy class to your man cave. Every sip will be a celebration of your team's success (or a consolation for a tough loss).

So, Which Footy Team You’ve Got?

With these footy themed items in your man cave, you'll be all set for the AFL Grand Final 2023. 

From keeping time with the scoreboard LED clock to enjoying drinks on the bar runner, your man cave will be the go-to place for your game day traditions. 

So, when you have gathered your mates, put on your team colours, and finished getting ready for a day of footy fun in your decked-out man cave, there will only be one question left: Who do you reckon will win the AFL Grand Final this year?


The AFL Grand Final is a celebration of footy and Aussie culture. Whether you're decking out your man cave or taking the festivities beyond your home, it's a time to come together with fellow fans and revel in the passion of the sport. 

On the 30th of September 2023, rally your mates and summon the footy spirits to your man cave. Make it a showdown of team pride as you don your team's colors and unleash those legendary team chants that send shivers down your spine. It's a day to celebrate footy like never before. Let the banter flow as freely as the cold brews, and may the best team win!

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