First Destination on the 2024 Man Cave Tour: Bill Manser's Shenanigans

First Destination on the 2024 Man Cave Tour: Bill Manser's Shenanigans

Alright, let’s kick off our grand tour of epic man caves with none other than Bill Manser’s legendary man cave, affectionately dubbed "Shenanigans". You know you're in for a treat when the entry is guarded by old-school pub doors from a decommissioned Irish pub. It’s like stepping into a realm where every hour is happy hour. So, let’s throw open the doors and dive right into Bill's world.

A Doorway to Nostalgia

First up, we’ve got the entrance. Not just any entrance, but one that features the storied doors of an ancient Irish watering hole. Walking through them is like time traveling to a boozy chapter of history, but instead of a pint, you get a hearty welcome from a custom sign that reads, 'Shenanigans Welcomes the Boys from Man & His Cave for the Love of Beer'. If that doesn’t set the tone for the this man cave tour... I don’t know what will. 

Inside Shenanigans: A Tour of Bill's Man Cave

Bill’s not just a collector; he’s the Indiana Jones of man cave archaeology. This bloke has turned collecting into an art form, with every corner of Shenanigans telling a story of beers gone by. 

The Strategic Layout

Victoria Bitter (VB) Corner

This sacred corner of Shenanigans might as well be a shrine. Adorned with vintage VB signs, ancient cans, and a neon light that deserves its own postal code, it’s a homage to the iconic Australian brew.

Tooheys Section

The nostalgia is palpable in this mini-museum dedicated to Tooheys. It’s an emotional journey through time with old bottles, classic advertisements, and memorabilia that could bring a tear to the eye of any beer aficionado.

Resch’s Refuge

This area, while more subdued, is no less significant. It offers a tasteful tribute to Resch's with elegantly aged bottles and coasters, showcasing the refined side of beer appreciation.

Miscellaneous Marvels

Here’s where the eclectic magic happens. A mix of XXXX Gold, Tooth Lager, and other iconic Aussie brews populate this section. Each item has a story, like the coaster collection Bill won in a bet, giving life to the artifacts that decorate this man cave.


Notable Features

Vintage Railway Signs

These are not just signs; they are metal masterpieces from the '30s and '40s, salvaged from old train platforms. They add a touch of historical charm that transforms the space into a nostalgic junction.

Olympic Brass Beer Taps

Pulling a pint from one of these is like touching history. These brass taps aren't just functional; they are relics from past Olympics, adding a golden touch of sports history to the cave.

Spiral Staircase

This architectural marvel doesn’t just lead to a loft—it ascends to a higher realm of man cave must-haves. Discovered with his mate Rob Carney, this staircase symbolises the adventure and bonding that collecting can bring.


FAQs About Building Your Own Man Cave

  • How do I start collecting items for my man cave? Easy, mate! Start with what you love. Beer? Whisky? Vintage signs? Hit up local auctions, flea markets, and the occasional online hunt with yours truly! Keep your eyes peeled and always be ready to pounce on that perfect piece.

  • What are the essentials for a man cave? Comfort is key, but character is king. Think cozy seating for the lads, and unique décor that says something about you. And don’t forget a solid sound system—because even the best yarns need a good soundtrack.

  • How can I make my man cave unique? This is where you let your flag fly, champ. Personalise it with items that tell your story or show off your hobbies. Whether it’s vintage car parts, signed memorabilia, or even a homemade bar, make sure it screams ‘you’.




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