Rob Carney's 'The Trowel' Man Cave Tour

Explore the Legendary "Trowel": A Man Cave Tour with Rob Carney

Welcome to "The Trowel": A Look Inside Rob Carney's Man Cave Marvel

G'day and welcome back, legends! Our 2024 Man Cave Tour is rolling into Mulgoa, where we’re popping into "The Trowel", the personal pub and playroom of none other than the legendary brickie, Rob Carney. Let’s crack into what makes Rob’s man cave a true blue spectacle.

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Rob Carney's Man Cave Tour 'The Trowel'

The Legend of Toohey's Treasure Trove

Step right up to a shrine that’s a frothy dream for any Toohey's fan. Rob’s collection is a jaw-dropping array of Toohey's memorabilia that covers every inch of his space. From vintage signage to rare collectible cans, each piece tells a part of Rob's lifelong passion for the brew.

Inside Of Rob Carney's Man Cave Tour: The Trowel

Pub Paradise Under a Roller Door

Imagine pulling up a roller door and stepping into a fully kitted out pub. That's "The Trowel" for you. Rob’s setup features everything a true pub could wish for—pinball machines, footy post padding, and TAB signs. The atmosphere’s all set with taxidermy and the King himself, Elvis Presley, strumming away in the corner.

Rob Carney's Taxidermy Man Cave

Beyond the Barn Doors

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Rob surprises us with a secret section. Behind seemingly ordinary barn doors lies another incredible area decked out with a pool table, jukebox, and a BBQ setup using a car bonnet. Fancy a sit? Try the lounge made from the back of a car, surrounded by bubble-gum dispensers and a wealth of sports memorabilia.

Rob Carney's Man Cave With Mike Tyson

A Legend Amongst Some of The Greats

Walking around, you can’t miss the framed pictures of Rob arm-in-arm with the likes of Mike Tyson and Don King. These aren’t just snaps from a fan meet; they’re mementos of real encounters, thanks to his buddy Jeff Fenech, the accomplished Australian boxer. Rob’s stories about his Vegas trip with Jeff add a layer of adventure and excitement to "The Trowel".

Rob Carney's Knows Jeff Fenech - Man Cave Tour

The Bricky Bond

Rob's connection with Jeff began on a simple brick-laying job that turned into a friendship for the ages. Their camaraderie led them to Las Vegas, marking Rob’s first-ever trip overseas—a thrilling adventure that Rob recounts with a sparkle in his eye. The most prized item in Rob’s collection? His final amateur boxing trophy. More than just a piece of metal, it’s a symbol of his journey and the friendships he’s made along the way, especially with Jeff.

2024 Australian Man Cave Tour | A Man & His Cave

Larger Than Life

Rob Carney’s personality fills the room just as much as his collectibles. His stories and hearty hospitality, culminating in a massive feed with Bill Manser, make our visit to "The Trowel" a memorable one. Rob's larger-than-life character and his heart of gold are what man caves are really about.

Rob Carney and the A Man & His Cave Team

FAQs About Creating Your Own Man Cave

  • How do I start building my man cave? Pick a theme that fires you up and start collecting. Whether it’s beers, sports, or rock 'n' roll, let your passions lead the way.

  • What makes a great man cave? It's all about comfort, character, and a bit of cheek. Get yourself some comfy seats, personality-packed decor, and don’t skimp on the entertainment—big screens, sound systems, the lot.

  • How can I make my man cave unique? Throw in personal touches that tell your story. Could be memorabilia from unforgettable experiences, or custom pieces like Rob’s car bonnet BBQ.

Explore More Man Caves

Stick around as we continue our journey through the most captivating man caves around. Inspired by Rob’s tales and want to kickstart your own space or jazz up the one you’ve got? Reach out or give us a bell—we’ve got the know-how and the can-do to help you create your perfect retreat.

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