Jarome Luai's Epic Man Cave: From NRL Hero to Home Bar Legend

Jarome Luai's Epic Man Cave: From NRL Hero to Home Bar Legend



The Kick-Off: How It All Started

Remember when we turned Matt Burton's space into a paradise of free-flowing beers with our Series-X Plus kegerator? Well, that was just the beginning. The buzz caught the attention of the NRL's finest, including Jarome Luaii, one of the Penrith Panthers' main men. Luaii, with a glint in his eye and a vision in his mind, stepped up to the plate, ready to turn his garage into the ultimate man cave – a sanctuary for the lads and a testament to his off-field passions.

Kegerator Installation - Jarome Luaii 


Picking the Winning Line-Up

Luaii's game plan was clear from the get-go. His first pick? A sleek Series-X Plus unit coupled with a state-of-the-art kegerator, stocked to the brim with Great Northern. This was about taking inspiration from Burton and taking his man cave to the next level. 


A Man & His Cave Pool Table Installation

Levelling Up the Entertainment

But it wasn't just about the amber fluid. Luaii aimed to craft a space that was the epitome of entertainment. Imagine this: a massive 8ft Jack Daniels pool table and a Mortal Kombat arcade machine. This was quickly shaping up to be an adult's wonderland.

Pool Tables At A Man & His Cave

Jarome Luaii Enjoys Massage Chair From A Man & His Cave

More than Just a Game

Luai's vision didn't stop at games. He was all in for comfort and luxury too. He brought in a plush lounge and a 3D shiatsu massage chair, creating a haven for relaxation and style. This was more than a spot to unwind; it was a statement of sophistication and thoughtfulness. And let's just say, we caught Luaii enjoying these comforts a bit more than he might admit. It's safe to say, the man cave's relaxation zone got the Luaii seal of approval – and then some!

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Jarome Luaii Kegerator

A Nod to the Roots

As a true son of Western Sydney, Luaii ensured his man cave was a tribute to his origins. Adding Drink West lager was a heartwarming move, more than just a beverage choice; it was a salute to his love for THE AREA.

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Jarome Luaii Playing Arcade Machine From A Man & His Cave

The Real Luai: First Impressions

Media often paints NRL stars with in a bad light. Yes, some could say Jarome has that 'bad guy' image but meeting Luaii in person we found that this couldn't be further from the truth. His warm welcome was as genuine as they come, reflecting his deep value for mates and family. This was a bloke who, beyond the media portrayal, showed his true colours in every aspect of his man cave project.

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Jarome Luaii's Man Cave

The Build: Making Magic Happen

Transforming Luaii's dream into reality was an epic undertaking. We fitted everything – from the pool table to the kegerator, the lounge, the man cave sign, the massage chair, the arcade machine, a dart board, and even a bespoke cigar box. This was more than a renovation. We hope that the Penrith lads get good use out of it during his last season in their colours. 

Jarome Luaii Picking 3 Other Players

Full Time Thoughts

As we wrapped up this monumental project, we couldn't help but ask Luaii who he thought should be next in line for a man cave transformation. His response was a trifecta of NRL greats: Nathan Cleary, Payne Hass, and Jnr Paulo. If Luaii's man cave is anything to go by, these projects are set to be just as impressive.

Jarome Luaii Man Cave Fit Out

Dive Deeper: The Making of a Man Cave

Building a man cave for an NRL star like Jarome Luaii isn't just about slapping together some furniture and calling it a day. It's about creating a space that resonates with the owner. 


  1. What inspired Jarome Luaii's man cave design?

    • Luaii was inspired by the free-flowing beer at Matt Burton's home, aiming to create a space that combined entertainment, comfort, and a nod to his Western Sydney roots.
  2. What are some key features of Luaii's man cave?

    • Key features include a Series-X Plus unit, a state-of-the-art kegerator, an 8ft pool table, a Mortal Kombat arcade machine, a plush lounge, and a 3D shiatsu massage chair.
  3. How does Luai's man cave reflect his personality?

    • The man cave reflects Luaii's personality through its focus on top-notch entertainment, comfort, and a tribute to his origins and community.
  4. Who does Luai think should get a man cave makeover next?

    • Luaii suggests Nathan Cleary, Payne Hass, and Jnr Paulo for the next man cave makeovers.
  5. Can a man cave be more than just a place to relax?

    • Absolutely! Luaii's man cave is not just a relaxation spot but a statement of sophistication, thoughtfulness, and personal style.

In Conclusion

Jarome Luai's man cave transformation is more than a renovation; it's a journey into the heart of what makes him tick. It's a fusion of fun, flair, and a deep connection to his roots. This project goes to show that with a bit of creativity and a lot of heart.

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