Kegerator Extra - CO2 Gas Cylinders 6kg (FULL)


CO2 Gas Cylinders 6kg

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Our 6kg CO2 Gas cylinders come full. With a cylinder shut off valve, this larger tank can dispense up to 1000L and carbonate and dispense up to 500L of beer.

Want to know where you can get refills of our CO2 Gas cylinders?  Look at our distributor's map here:

Every month we have more new refill stations added to the map.  If you hear of any that are not on this map just let us know and we will also add them to this map.

- Australian Standard Approved
- Holds 6kg of CO2 when full
- Dimensions 71cm high x 16cm diameter
- Black carry handle grip for easy of transport and protection of valve
Please note this will not fit inside a Series 4 Keg Master. Only the 2.6kg Cylinder can fit inside with two 19L Kegs.

To download a copy of the MSDS for this product click on the link below:
CO2 Gas Cylinder MSDS PDF

To download a copy of the Work Cover Design Registration Approval Paperwork:
6kg Gas Cylinder Work Cover Approval PDF

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