Cheers to the Drink West Kegerator Bundle: Enjoy the West's Best Brews at Home

Cheers to the Drink West Kegerator Bundle: Enjoy the West's Best Brews at Home

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In the heart of the West, where the love for craft beer runs deep, the Drink West Brewery stands as a testament to community spirit. This micro-brewing facility, welcoming all beer aficionados, is not just a place to savour a variety of limited-release beers but also an immersive experience. Crafted by local brewmasters, this brewery is for the people, by the people, backed by over 1200 local investors, including UFC Icons Tai Tuivasa, Tyson Pedro, and NRL Superstar Nathan Cleary.

Drink West Bundle

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The Drink West Kegerator Bundle:

So, what's the buzz all about? It's the exclusive Drink West Kegerator Bundle, a true game-changer in the world of beer enjoyment. This bundle includes everything you need to unlock the magic of draught beer in your very own home.

  • Drink West Keg of Your Choice: With a selection of eight tantalising beer options, you can pick the one that suits your palate.

  • Beer Tap Decal: Match your beer to its decal, adding a dash of style to your home bar.

  • A-Type Coupler: Ensures you're set to dispense Drink West kegs every time, replicating the true pub experience at home.

  • Kegerator Cleaning Kit: Keeping your setup in top-notch condition is a breeze with this handy kit.

Benefits and Value:

Why opt for the Drink West Kegerator Bundle? It's simple. It provides you with everything you need for the perfect at-home draught beer experience. Enjoy the rich, crisp taste of draught beer, a universally cherished way to relish your Drink West's diverse range of brews, straight from the tap.

Joining the Fun with Cleary, Pedro, and Tuivasa:

But what sets this campaign apart is its authenticity. It's a reflection of the raw and unbridled passion of the Drink West founders who genuinely want to share their love for beer. The campaign video is a testament to this spirit, capturing the laughter and camaraderie of Nathan Cleary, Tai Tuivasa, and Tyson Pedro as they enjoy their own brews in various settings, from the office to their homes and even by the pool.


Q: How can I get my hands on the Drink West Kegerator Bundle? A: You can purchase this exclusive bundle here

Q: Can I choose the beer keg I want in my bundle? A: Absolutely! You have a choice of eight different Drink West beer options.


In closing, the Drink West Kegerator Bundle isn't just about beer; it's about a shared experience, a sense of community, and a taste of the West's best brews. So, why wait? Explore this unique bundle, and raise your glass to the West's finest.

At 'A Man & His Cave,' we're here to help you transform your home bar into a haven of enjoyment, just like the West. With the Drink West Kegerator Bundle, you can recreate the pub atmosphere right in your living room. Discover your favourite brew, share it with friends and family, and toast to the Drink West spirit. Cheers!

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