Would Your Mrs Let Your Build This?

Would Your Mrs Let Your Build This?

Would your partner allow you to build an intricate and exciting Man-Cave? The answer isn't always going to be yes. We give early warning that this blog post may grind your gears if you fall into this category, and you may not wish to read ahead. 


While browsing through social media, you can come across various media-forms that will momentarily catch your attention. It might be a product, a funny video or meme that leads you to an exciting page. However, it doesn't usually take very long before you find yourself disinterested. During my time on the socials last night, this was not the case. I stumbled upon a Facebook page called 'AUSSIE MAN CAVES'. The page was private and required me to answer a unique Australian question to grant access, "Who is the larrikin of the bush?" providing the following options:

  1. Russel Crowe
  2. Russel Drysdale
  3. Russel Coight
  4. Russel In Bushes


If you're true-blue, then you too will have access to the content. 


What a great page. Never have I seen such wholesome and joyous community online, not to mention the high quality of work. The wide variety and contrast between some were thoroughly entertaining. Some included 2-3 appliances and a clever IKEA hack, whilst some encompassed intricate carpentry with a fortune worth of equipment. No-matter the cave's quality, all of them displayed manual labour and the owner's pride in their work. These people were serious about their Man-Caves. 


Being from the same industry, I thought to reach out to members posting extravagant Man-Caves for a more intimate perspective into their DIY home renovation paradise. Not to my surprise, the wholesome and joyous aesthetic of the community was not a facade. The majority of members were more than happy to take us on a video tour through their amazing Man-Caves, showing me their kegerators, arcade machines, pinball machines, sports memorabilia and the rest. 


Inspired by the man-cave community's positive energy and contributions, I thought why not share this DIY (do it yourself) masterpiece sanctum though A Man & His Cave. The best form of communicating this was video, and the name "Man Cave of the Week" felt fitting for the segment. Stay posted for the first episode launches Monday 22nd of February.


 If you think your Mancave deserves a segment feel free to send a video of yours to info@amanandhiscave.com 

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