Man Cave of the Week - Episode 1. Amazing Memorabilia Inspired Man Cave.

About Episode 1:

For our opening segment of AMAHC's 'Man Cave of the Week,' we have a fantastic cave from Victoria-based Jason.T. Jason's man cave encompasses a wide variety of memorabilia pieces, patriotically exhibiting his favourite sporting teams the Geelong Cat's and Westham United.


However, memorabilia isn't the only thing you'll find in Jason's cave as he pans around to a unique assortment of appliances, including a stylish 3-door stainless steel bar fridge, an arcade machine and a properly sized billiards table.

The marquee element of Jason's cave isn't the range of expensive appliances though, it's the unique pedestrian traffic light that has been installed above the cave's toilet. Jason has cleverly programmed this light to display a green man when vacant and a red man when occupied, an additive that ties the cave together whilst accentuating the quirky character of the room.

Great stuff Jason.


If you think that your man cave deserves to be featured on our 'Man-Cave of the Week' segment then send all footage and pictures to and please follow the process below:

Please start the video with "G'day A Man & His Cave, welcome to my Man-Cave", showing us the best bits of your man cave with plenty of narration. If you’re shooting from your phone please, shoot sideways for the best angle. We'd also love to see a few high-quality pics of the cave's best bits for the video cover later.

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