3 Steps to Out-Class Your Neighbours.

3 Steps to Out-Class Your Neighbours.

3 Steps to Out-Class Your Neighbours.
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Are you competitive with your neighbours like Homer Simpson is with Ned Flanders? Or is your situation a little more like the Bakers and the Murtaughs from Cheaper By the Dozen 2? If either of those roughly define your turf war then you’ll want to tune in to our 3 simple steps to build an incredible home-theatre set up and get the edge on any of your neighbours. 

Step1 - Pergola Research.

  • Based on your availability of outdoor space, identify the most suitable area for any backyard renovations to take place. Now that you have a spot in mind, do some research on ‘DIY Pergolas’ to get the low-down on what materials you’ll need. If you’d like some inspiration we’ve seen some amazing projects on Better Homes & Gardens

Step 2 - Material Sourcing.

  • Now that you’ve picked the style and wood-type for your new pergola, head to your local hardware store. For us Australians it is very difficult to go past our beloved Bunnings Warehouse, especially 9am on saturday morning. Why Saturday you ask? Because of Bunning’s infamous snags of course. 

Step 3. - Construction and Installation

  • With steps 1 & 2 out of the way it’s time to get your hands dirty. If you’re new to timberwork, don’t worry we have your back. Jesse Mullen is an acclaimed DIY expert, Click Here to view Jessie’s tutorial on how to build a modern Pergola. 
  • Once the pergola is fully built, install your home theatre appliances. If this seems daunting don’t stress, we felt the same until we watched MrFixIt DIY’s ‘DIY Outdoor Movie Theatre’, Aaron makes the process a breeze. 


And that’s it, job complete. You’ve now successfully built your dream out-door home theatre set-up! All you need to do now is invite some friends over for a movie night. When movie night comes around, make sure your neighbours are home and turn the volume up a little louder than you need just to get their attention. We guarantee they will be staring at their empty backyard drooling over your incredible new set-up.

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