Man Cave of The Week Episode 2 - Flaming Barrels

Man Cave of The Week Episode 2 - Flaming Barrels

Flaming Barrels Inside Aussie Man Cave

For this week's Man Cave of the Week, we have Dave. W who is also from Victoria. Does it seem as if these extravagant man caves are more prolific in Victoria than they are elsewhere? Dave's cave encompasses a range of classic Australian ornaments such as wood-burnings, sports memorabilia, a wide variety of iconic beverages and of course his amazing barrel burners. 

Family Man Cave

At AMAHC we appreciate the respect, support and praise that flows unanimously throughout the man cave community because as the saying goes "pay credit where credit is due."
With this in mind, this Man Cave hits the nail on the head. Dave's genuine love and pride in friends and family is evident as he displays their sporting achievements, framed alongside the sports memorabilia of superstars such as Ricky Ponting.

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All-in-all a great man cave here from Dave. If you think your man cave is up to scratch please share it with us at


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