Man Cave of the Week - Episode 3. The Bastard Bros Complex

Man Cave of the Week - Episode 3. The Bastard Bros Complex

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Does Your Man Cave Contain Something Money Can't Buy?

Today we explore Craig's extravagant man cave that he has playfully named the 'Bastard Bros Complex'. Craig is yet another Victorian who has put in a tremendous amount of work over the years, creating an absolute masterpiece. To say that Craig's cave is unique would be an understatement, this wild man-cave has installations that are far beyond the depths of the average Joe's DIY skills and some items that money just can't buy.

Does Your Man Cave Have a Service Station?

When comparing Craig's cave to those that we've explored previously, it's the creativity that makes his cave stand out. Using his large open space Craig's Bastard Bro's Complex is effectively a small-town for his friends, family and self to enjoy during their downtime. The complex contains a fully functional Golden Fleece Inspired service station, a beer garden, a classic out-house, a 100-year-old wind-mill and a decked out country-styled bar.

The Shelf of Shame!

Craig's playful character is exhibited through his narration and video tour, as he guides us into his Bastard Bros Bar. Inside the bar, Craig introduces us to his hilarious 'Shelf of Shame where he places all liquor that deserves to be shamed. Whilst panning across the shelf, Craig stats "It's there for a reason. If you don't believe me, go to Dan Murphys and Try This" zooming in on Banana Bread Beer by Beer Brewed Wells with Bananas. I guess we know what we need to steer clear of next time we feel spontaneous at the Bottle-O.

Why Is There a Grenade in Craig's Man Cave?

Apart from the liquid trash on the shelf of shame, the remainder of Craig's bar is top-notch, including a pokie machine, TV and even a multi-tap Kegerator. Amongst all of the exciting things, Craig has inside of his bar, the Grenade connected to the 'Complaints Department' plaque has to be the most intriguing.
Praise to Craig.

All-in-all Craig has done a fantastic job of his man cave and the efforts and time has paid off. Great work Craig!

If you think that your man cave deserves to be featured on our 'Man-Cave of the Week' segment then send all footage and pictures to and please follow the process below:

Please start the video with "G'day A Man & His Cave, welcome to my Man-Cave", showing us the best bits of your man cave with plenty of narration. If you’re shooting from your phone please, shoot sideways for the best angle. We'd also love to see a few high-quality pics of the cave's best bits for the video cover later.


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