What's Brewing for A Man & His Cave in 2024?

What's Brewing for A Man & His Cave in 2024?

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If you’re not yet a member of our Facebook community, you might miss out a little while reading this blog...

As we’re approaching the end of the year, it’s awesome to look back at our group that has been a thriving hub of Aussie blokes showcasing their epic man caves, each more legendary than the last. And because of that, we’d like you to know that exciting news is coming your way! 

But first, a heartfelt thank you to all our incredible group members who have turned A Man & His Cave into a thriving community of man cave enthusiasts! Your passion, creativity, and dedication to sharing your unique man caves have brought our group to life. We've marvelled at the diverse styles, ingenious setups, and the stories behind each of your personal man caves.


Man Cave Tour 2024!

And now, we believe it's high time we get to know each one of you up close and personal— we reckon it's time we move past the virtual beers and get to know each other face-to-face. 

On 12th February 2024, the A Man & His Cave team is hitting the road in our trusty Winnebago, embarking on a journey across NSW, ACT, and Victoria in search of 10 extraordinary MAN CAVES in AUSTRALIA.

Here's where you come in – if you’re in any of the territories mentioned, we want YOU to showcase the heart of your man cave. Drop a photo in the reel posted in our group, show off your man cave setups and massive collections that define your personal sanctuary.  

From there, we will be lining up the man caves that the A Man & His Cave team will be rolling up to, ready to share a few cold ones, swap friendly banters, and just overall have a good time. It’s going to be a bonzer experience!

And guess what? There's more than bragging rights up for grabs! A Man & His Cave is giving away a Gen 2.0 Kegerator to our grand winner and various prizes like LED signs, bar stools, tables, and more to participants. It's your time to shine!

We’re Supporting ‘The Man Cave’ Charity!

If you think we’ve mentioned everything, mate, that’s not all – although we’re well aware that beers, banter, and man caves are important on this road trip, the highlight of this is giving back. 

At A Man & His Cave, we understand the profound impact that the support for character development and mental health can have on younger Australian men. This is why we're proudly supporting The Man Cave, an Australian charity dedicated to the development of young men transitioning into manhood. Together with The Man Cave, we will be making a difference, ensuring that these young lads evolve into resilient, compassionate, and confident individuals.

For every episode released over the 10-week journey, A Man & His Cave will be donating 2% of the week's profits to this transformative cause. 


Right now, we just couldn’t contain our excitement for what’s to come in the next year! So, legends from New South Wales, ACT, and Victoria, chill the schooners and make sure to roll out the welcome mat because if you ask us, we’re absolutely stoked to get to know you and party in your man cave! 

Remember that your participation not only puts your man cave in the spotlight but also supports a fantastic cause, championing the growth of young Aussie men.

And not to mention, the fantastic prizes up for grabs!

If you made it here and didn’t catch it earlier, the grand winner will take home the coveted Gen 2.0 Kegerator in all its glory! For all the other participants, there will be heaps of other thrilling prizes waiting to find their rightful homes.

So, get ready for an epic adventure, support a fantastic charity, and let's make this tour unforgettable! Stay tuned for weekly episodes and keep those man cave photos coming – your sanctuary might just be the next star.

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