The Best of A Man & His Cave in 2023

The Best of A Man & His Cave in 2023

2023 is coming to a close, and it's time to rewind the clock, look back, and relive the legendary moments that shaped the year in the world of A Man & His Cave. 

With a thriving community, epic man cave features, and groundbreaking collaborations, this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

This year, A Man & His Cave has truly gone above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of what it means to cater to the Aussie bloke's man cave dreams. It truly is humbling to have the opportunity to collaborate with our idols who have been the heroes we cheer for during game days in our beloved man caves. 

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, the experiences of the past have equipped us with a newfound resilience and determination. A Man & His Cave is gearing up to tackle heaps more, fueled by the passion to enhance the man cave experience and create spaces that resonate with the Aussie bloke's heart and soul. 

Keep scrolling as we walk you through a journey through A Man & His Cave’s highlights, from the monumental growth of MAN CAVES AUSTRALIA to unforgettable partnerships with some of Australia's finest athletes.


In the heart of our digital man cave haven, MAN CAVES AUSTRALIA, the family grew to a whopping 27,000 members! The growth of MAN CAVES AUSTRALIA has been nothing short of spectacular, uniting blokes from all corners of the country to share in the common language of man cave dilemmas, triumphs, and, most importantly, the unwavering passion for perfecting their man caves.

As we embark on this never-ending(!!) journey of improvement, MAN CAVES AUSTRALIA stands as a testament to the spirit that fuels us all—always seeking, always refining, and always sharing the joy of the ultimate man cave.

We’re excited to meet some of our members and explore their man caves over a schooner in real life this 2024!

Epic Man Cave Features

The past year witnessed a parade of epic man caves that ignited inspiration across the community. Some examples of these are:

Daren's basement transformation, evolving from a blank canvas of sand to a fully-fledged man cave, speaks volumes about the dedication and craftsmanship that define the Aussie bloke's pursuit of the perfect man cave. 

Greg's man cave, perched with a fantastic view, not only captures the essence of relaxation but also demonstrates how nature and leisure can harmoniously coexist.

Barry's automotive haven, adorned with A Man & His Cave's custom Virtual Pinball Machine paying tribute to Peter Brock, the King of the Mountain, stands as a testament to his passion for anything related to automobiles.

This coming 2024, we hope to delve into some of the most outstanding man caves, explore the diverse styles and personal touches that make each man cave a unique masterpiece.

Collaborations with Sporting Legends

A Man & His Cave took the man cave experience to the next level with collaborations that put us in the company of Australia's athletic royalty. 

From NRL superstar Matt Burton to the powerhouse trio at Drink West—UFC Heavyweight Tai Tuivasa and Tyson Pedro, and Panthers' own Nathan Cleary—we'll uncover how these partnerships elevated the man cave aesthetic. Plus, a special journey into the man caves of Jarome Luai, showcasing the bond between sport and sanctuary.

Matt Burton not only gave the team a warm welcome but also showcased his incredible pouring skills, effortlessly filling a schooner with the perfect head. 

The Drinkwest team, Tai, Nathan, and Tyson, have not only redefined the beverage game but have also made it possible for Drinkwest to be enjoyed on tap in the comfort of your own homes with the help of A Man & His Cave.


Crafting the ultimate man cave experience for Panthers' powerhouse Jarome Luai was nothing short of a bloke's dream come true. We made sure to include these essentials to match the legendary status of the man who owns it: 

Together, these elements transformed Jarome Luai's man cave into a haven where he can relax after making Australia proud.

Section 4: Keg Subscriptions

In a groundbreaking move, A Man & His Cave introduced keg subscriptions last April, revolutionising the way blokes enjoy their beer.

Recognising the sacred bond between a bloke, beer, and his man cave, A Man & His Cave took things up a notch by introducing keg subscriptions. Because let's face it, there's nothing worse than realising you're running low on beer during a crucial moment in the man cave. With the new keg subscription, our mates can rest easy, knowing that the taps will keep flowing no matter what the occasion is.

Section 5: Kegerator Giveaways

What's a man cave without a top-notch kegerator? A Man & His Cave went above and beyond by hosting thrilling kegerator giveaways. 

Some of the giveaways are our collab with Total Tools where we gave away a chance to win a Gen 2.0 Kegerator for their customers who spent $100 for the whole Q4.

We also surprised one of our Instagram followers, Sam, who shared, engaged, and overall showed his support for our content on our socials. We gifted him a Great Northern Bar Fridge to show our appreciation, because as a small business, legends who show support in their own ways like this truly mean a lot.

Conclusion: A Toast to 2023 and Beyond 

It's been a year filled with extraordinary man cave transformations, legendary collaborations, and the introduction of groundbreaking products.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the unwavering support you've showered upon A Man & His Cave this year. Your enthusiasm and passion for the ultimate man cave experience drive us to continually raise the bar.

Here's to the memories, the legends, and the epic man caves that continue to define us. As we step into the future, the adventure only gets grander.

Cheers to the legends of 2023, and may the man cave legacy live on! 🍻 

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