Yogi Berra Signed Yankees Photo And Original Score Card And Yankees Pin PSA Authentication
Yogi Berra Signed Yankees Photo And Original Score Card And Yankees Pin PSA Authentication
Yogi Berra Signed Yankees Photo And Original Score Card And Yankees Pin PSA Authentication
Yogi Berra Signed Yankees Photo And Original Score Card And Yankees Pin PSA Authentication


Yogi Berra Signed Yankees Photo and Original Score Card and Yankees Pin PSA Authentication

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• This Photo is personally hand signed by Yogi Berra

• This Photo is custom framed

• The frame measures at 570mm x 500mm

• The frame in the photos is the actual frame for sale and not a concept

• The signed Photo is proven to be authentic as it comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Item ships affixed with two holograms one from MJB Memorabilia serial-numbered and tampered proof Authentication Hologram and PSA

• There is free shipping done to any destination in the world.

• You can view the memorabilia piece before purchasing it through a zoom meeting, Skype, or Facetime.

• The Photo comes with a Database Hologram Verification Number MJB 100170 and PSA AI73025

• Frame comes with beautiful gold plaque

• It costs $1195 only.

• Also comes with Original 1973 Yankees Scorecard and Official Program and Original

• New York Yankees Pin





About Yogi Berra

One of the most well-known phrases in the world was first uttered by this baseball legend himself: Yogi Berra. Yet Yogi was more than just a treasure trove of witty phrases! Yogi Berra has won more World Series Championships in Major League Baseball history than any player to this day; he has won it all of ten times! Yogi Berra has also won the American League Most Valuable Player Award thrice (1951, 1954, 1955)- a feat that has been replicated by only five other players in baseball history. He has the bragging rights of being an 18-time Base Ball All-Star and is also lauded as one of the best catchers in baseball history.

Yogi’s ability as a baseball catcher could only be described using one word:


His mobility, speed and excellent handling of the pitchers would always make the news headlines in his time. He also had great plate coverage and awesome bat control, frequently hitting pitches outside of the strike zone. This made him a feared clutch hitter amongst fellow baseballers near and far. Yogi Berra played all of 88 errorless games in 1958! Only four catchers in the history of the game have ever fielded 1.000 in a season and guess who was one of them?

That’s right! None other than Yogi himself

Nowadays, we see many catchers leaving one finger outside their gloves but did you know that Yogi Berra was the first person to start that trend?

In 1972, Yogi was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame yet his fame transcends baseball itself. He was also a renowned sailor in the US Navy who served between 1943-1946 as a Gunner’s Mate during World War II. His spectacular performance there earned him a Purple Heart medal from the United States government. He was also posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

Interestingly, his real name is actually Lawrence Peter Berra. But how did he get the name ‘Yogi’ since his nickname while growing up was Lawdie?
Well, he got that nickname from his friend Jack Maguire. Jack used to look at the way he sat with his legs and arms crossed whenever he lost a match or while he waited to bat. He thought he resembled the yoga practitioners from India, so he started calling him Yogi and the name has stuck with him ever since.

He excelled in baseball for all of 18 seasons but that’s not where his story ends. After retiring in 1963, he returned to the game again in 1965. this time around, he served in the capacity of coach for the New York Mets. He stayed with the New York Mets for ten years, although in the last four years he opted to be their manager.
But Yogi was still not done yet! In 1976, he returned to the Yankees and coached them for eight seasons before opting to be their manager for his last two seasons with the team. He then went on to coach the Houston Astros from 1986 to 1989.
Yogi frequently uttered some of the most repeated non-sequiturs that this world has affectionately termed as Yogi-isms. These witticisms often had powerful underlying messages of wisdom with a dash of humor, too. Here are some of the most common Yogi-isms that our one-of-a-kind master of language left with us:
-It ain’t over ‘til it’s over
– Pair up in threes
– If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be
– It gets late early out there
– Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded
– The future ain’t what it used to be
– You can observe a lot by watching
– I didn’t really say everything I said
– It’s deja vu all over again

Many of them seem humorous and contradicting at first but just re-read them and you’ll see the innate logic contained in each.
In 1972, the Yankees team retired his number 8 uniform in honor of him. They honored him once more in 1988 with a plaque in Monument Park. In 1998, Montclair State University also honored him by opening the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center on their campus. A year later, fans voted him into the MLB All-Century Team.

And guess what: today we have a authentic signed Photograph for you, signed and sealed by the legend Yogi himself! It has been fully authenticated and proven to be original. Are you ready to lay your hands on a memorabilia that was owned by Yogi Berra himself?
Well, you’re not the only one! Hundreds of our other website visitors are currently viewing it, too. So, grab it before it’s too late!

Grab a piece of baseball history today!


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