The Beast Mode V8 Coffee Table


The Beast Mode V8 Coffee Table

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Why Buy From A Man & His Cave

As its name goes, the Beast Mode V8 coffee table is an absolute beast!


Made from heavy duty v8 engines sourced from ex-race cars, burnouts, drag and drift cars and toughened 12mm glass, if you want to make a statement, this is definitely the coffee table for you! With all engine components expertly welded and fastened together to provide a professional beasty look, it will surely make a great addition to your man cave, lounge room or even your place of business.


Each engine we use has a new tale to tell giving them a unique character that they add to your décor. Like our Standard V8 coffee table, our Beast Mode V8 coffee table can also be colour coded to suit your requirements with the additional options of LED lighting, custom glass print and skull piston heads. These tables, both practical and classy, provide you the perfect platform to showcase your cherished belongings. No man cave is complete without a coffee table, which is the reason picking a perfectly made Beast Mode V8 coffee table is a must.


In case you’re an appreciator of out of the box ideas, then make sure to browse our range of tables or let us know if you have an idea for a beast mode v8 coffee table and we will try our best to make it come to life. Our master craftsmen love to take up new challenges so get in touch with us today.


Carton Dimensions: 

1200mm long x 800mm wide x 700mm high

Weight: 95kg

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