Upright Arcade Machine - Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine - Premium Platinum Pro
Upright Arcade Machine - Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine - Premium Platinum Pro
Upright Arcade Machine - Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine - Premium Platinum Pro


Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine - Premium Platinum Pro

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Size: 175 x 68 x 60 (HxWxDcm)

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Why Buy From A Man & His Cave

Our most recent release.  4 players simultaneous gameplay for intense fun.

To view, full games list click here or to see PDF of all 4 player games list click here

By popular demand, we’ve taken the best and made it even better.

Now the Premium Edition Platinum comes in a special 4 player version.

Play your favourite 4 player games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gauntlet, NBA Jam and more!

True to the Platinum shape, the Platinum Pro still retains it’s slick design and also features stainless steel control panel.


Product Description

Get the classic look in a sleek new cabinet design with this Platinum Upright Arcade Machine! You will get the full stand up gaming experience in a machine that takes very little space. This will blend in with any environment that you place it in. Two different gaming lists are available for purchase. It provides full stand up gaming but takes up minimal space.  It does this by incorporating a huge 26″ LCD screen. The result is a sharp and stylish looking piece of hardware that will blend right into your contemporary lounge room.

Games Lists:

View for Premium Games List



    • 26″ LCD monitor
    • 619 Games JAMMA board
    • 2-4 player (6 button control)
    • Stereo Speakers
    • Fluoro Marquee Banner
    • Free credit button
    • Easy to access control panel
    • Easy to access monitor chassis
    • Fully lockable cabinet with 2 keys
    • 24 Months back to base warranty


Premium Features:

    • 2240 x Original Arcade Games
    • 1100 x Gameboy Advance Games
    • 814 x Nintendo Entertainment System Games
    • 990 x Super Nintendo Games
    • 356 x Sega Game Gear Games
    • 247 x Sega Master System Games
    • 270 x Sega Megadrive Games
    • 533 x Atari 2600 Games

Premium features:

    • User-Friendly Game Selection Screen
    • JAMMA+ Compatible
    • High Score Saving
    • HDMI Output
    • VGA Compatible (adapter supplied)
    • Power Adapter supplied (5V DC micro USB)
    • Suitable for cabinets with horizontal monitors
    • Multi Console Gaming
    • Volume Adjustment Control

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: Main Body: 175h x 68w x 60d (cm)
Control Panel width: 100 (cm)
Carton Dimensions: 177h x 72w x 62d (cm)
Weight: 80kgs
Power: 240V AC

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Hanako Yamamoto
This arcade machine is the ultimate party starter

I can't get enough of this arcade machine! It's been the perfect addition to my game room. The variety of games is incredible and the controls are smooth and responsive. I've been having a blast reliving my childhood memories.