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    Why Buy From A Man & His Cave

    Why Buy The Kegerator Care Package?

    1. You'll never have to purchase another accessory
    2. Guaranteed compatibility with all commercial kegs
    3. Ensure cleanliness and longevity for your beer lines
    4. Never worry about splits or frays in your beer lines
    5. Offer mobility over terrain and uneven surfaces
    6. Save $50


    The Kegerator Care Package contains everything you need to ensure that your Kegerator is equipped for whatever life might throw your way! With the A-Type, D-Type and S-Type couplers you will never have to check which type suits your keg because you'll be compatible with all of them. (Low-Profile Elbow Bend Included)


    When it comes to the user experience and longevity of beer, the Nukatap springs are a nice touch. We all have that friend who gets a little tipsy and forgets to shut the tap, wasting our precious.. precious beer. Eliminate this issue with taps that automatically stop beer flow after use. 


    Cleanliness is key! Yes, we all love drinking from these beautiful machines but care and cleanliness are required to make sure this is done healthily. Over time, starch and bacteria can build-up in the Kegerators beer lines. This isn't something we want to be consuming. Destroy this bacteria and starch with our non-hazardous, non-corrosive, Powerful Brewing Wash!


    With the beer and gas lines being kept in cold temperatures 24/7 it isn't uncommon for the cold to get the upper hand and the lines begin to show a bit of wear and tear. This may be in the form of splitting or occasionally irremovable dings in the line. With a spare 12m of gas/beer line, you'll have more than enough line to combat this issue for years to come. 


    Finally, we have the 100mm heavy duty castor wheels. The name says it all as the castor wheels offer mobility over a variety of once impossible surfaces (similar to turning your Toyota into a Tank) This is fantastic for those who are planning on using your kegerators for functions, on grass or even just to be able to move it around from one side of your house to the other with ease.


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