Fresh3 - Sour Batch Kids Fresh Wort Kit with Yeast - Full Recipe Kit Dextrose (est~7.6% and super sour) + $5.00

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Fresh3 - Sour Batch Kids Fresh Wort Kit with Yeast - Full Recipe Kit Dextrose

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Do you want to go SUPER SOUR and STRONG?:

Do you want to go SUPER SOUR and STRONG?


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This Fresh3 [Fresh Cubed] Fresh Wort Kit as a New World Berliner Weisse that packs a puckering punch at 5.1% to 7.6% if you choose to go SUPER SOUR and add 1kg of Dextrose prior to filling your fermenter.
Adding extra dextrose (sugar) is a special requirement for extra sourness using Lallemand Philly Sour Yeast. The more dextrose *to a certain point* the more lactic acid (sourness) the yeast can produce alone with alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Berliner Weisses were generally low alcohol by volume due to the traditional technique of souring using a cocktail of Lactobacillus Strains.
The main two reasons were:
1. Souring Bacteria like Lactobacillus don't like strong starting gravity beers. So the beers were generally 3% a good hot summer day kind of beer, but not quite punchy.
2. Any addition of hops usually over 10 IBU would inhibit and sometimes kill the souring bacteria, so you could never have a balanced hoppy sour.

But nowadays, with Sour IPA's coming out left and right, Flavoured Sour Milkshake something-er-others, Sour anything, we can make anything that we want with less effort and stress on infecting equipment with a bacteria that has been known to be hard to get out of fermenters/brewing equipment when using Philly Sour Yeast. There are of course other ways to sour, like mash souring. But as this is a versatile FWK we want it to be up to you how strong/sour it is. So use the Dextrose or Not! We like the extra sourness it creates. Or if you have extra hops floating about that, chuck them in to make a Hopped Sour Bright Ale...or whatever you want to call it!

Because we want it sour we kit this recipe with 2 x Packets of Lallemand Philly Sour Yeast. If you don't want it as sour you can either ommit the Dextrose, or ferment at the lower temperature ranges. The ideal 18°C and 30°C.

Please see the Recipe Instructions for the Standard Sour Ale here, and the SUPER Sour Ale here, or in the Instruction Manual Tab below

This Recipe Kit Includes:
1 x Fresh3 Lager Base
2 x 11g - Lalllemand Philly Sour Yeast Sachet
Optional - 1kg of Dextrose for SUPER SOUR + STRONG ABV%.

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