When it comes to memorabilia, authenticity is everything.

All of our products come with 100% Guarantee of Authenticity. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This guarantee affirms that all of the autographed memorabilia items offered here are genuinely hand-signed by the individuals and teams indicated.

Our total commitment to authenticity means that we only acquire our products from credible, reputable suppliers. We conduct regular due diligence of our suppliers and maintain a database of player signings and the dates and locations of signings wherever this is known. Where possible, we include such information on the Certificate of Authenticity.

To provide consumer confidence, we offer, when requested, independent third-party authentication and certification for our products. This process occurs in conjunction with the AMA, Australia’s most-respected authentication service, and with other mutually-agreed authenticators. Many items are provided with such certification as a matter of course.

Given the critical importance of authenticity, it is important to emphasise that should you have any questions whatsoever about the authenticity of our products, please ask us prior to purchase. Indeed, it cannot be emphasised strongly enough that any questions about authenticity or about any of the characteristics of the items advertised on this site should be considered in light of this information as well as the information available in our product descriptions.

With this information in mind, you can shop with the confidence that you are getting the 'Real McCoy' from one of Australia’s most-trusted retailers of authentic memorabilia.

In addition, please note that whilst the images of our products are representative of the items offered, the exact location and sizes of individual signature may sometimes vary with that shown. Again, we welcome any questions or queries about such matters prior to purchase.

Thank you for considering the fantastic range of memorabilia offered by us, if you have any questions please contact us via live chat, email or over the phone on +61 291-995-051