Why Should You Get A Keg Subscription

Why Should You Get A Keg Subscription

In today’s landscape, Aussie blokes who have man caves often find themselves at a crossroads in their beer-drinking journey. The age-old dilemma of whether to devote weekends to the art of brewing, stock up on beer bottles by the pack, or embrace the simplicity of a keg subscription has become a quintessential debate.

When it comes to elevating your man cave experience, nothing quite beats the satisfaction of having a cold, frothy beer on tap. In the vast landscape of beer options, a keg subscription stands out as a game-changer for Aussie blokes looking to balance cost, variety, and convenience. Let’s see why…

Cost-Effective Brews 

For the discerning bloke, cost matters. 

Embracing a keg subscription isn't just a matter of tapping into the latest beer trend; it's a strategic financial move. When compared to the traditional practice of purchasing beer bottles, opting for a keg can yield substantial savings – approximately half the cost.

Keg subscriptions, in comparison to buying individual cases, can be surprisingly cost-effective. A one-time investment in a quality kegerator pays off in the long run as you tap into the savings, indulging in your favourite brew without burning a hole in your pocket.

Variety on Tap

Why settle for one when you can have them all? Unlike the limitations often posed by pre-packaged beer bottles, a keg subscription allows beer connoisseurs to diversify their drinking experience with an array of their favourite beer brands: from crisp lagers like Great Northern’s or 4 Pines’ to robust ales like Coopers’ or Little Creatures’. 

Whether you're in the heart of NSW or the sunny expanse of QLD, A Man & His Cave offers a curated selection that promises to satisfy your beer cravings ready for long weekend nights in the man cave with your mates.

Consistent Quality 

When it comes to beer, consistency is key, and a keg subscription is your ticket to an excellent standard of quality. Unlike the potential fluctuations in taste that can accompany individually bottled beers and attempted home breweries, kegs maintain the integrity of the brew from the first pour to the last drop. 

The sealed, pressurised environment of a keg protects the beer from external factors that might compromise its flavour, ensuring that each pint boasts the same freshness and excellence as the one before. 

Keg Subscription vs. Brewing Your Own

While the appeal of brewing your own beer is undeniable, the time, effort, and space it demands can be overwhelming. If your man cave is the designated hub for social gatherings and events, a keg subscription might just be the ultimate game-changer. 

Hosting becomes a breeze as the convenience of having a keg on tap eliminates the need for frequent restocking and recycling of beer bottles.

Moreover, for those who relish the taste of a perfect brew but find brewing their own beer a time-consuming ordeal, a keg subscription offers a compelling solution. It's the ultimate shortcut to enjoying a cold one without compromising on quality.

Convenience in Every Pour

Now we’ve come to the most important advantage of choosing to get a keg subscription. By subscribing, the inconvenience of managing bottle recycling and disposal is a thing of the past. 

No more juggling with cases and clutter—just a streamlined, tap-and-pour simplicity. This convenience is especially invaluable for those who value their time and seek a stress-free solution to enjoying quality beer.

With your favourite beer brands readily available through a keg subscription from A Man & His Cave, you can enjoy the match without missing a crucial play.

So how do you get a Keg Subscription from A Man & His Cave?

Ordering a keg subscription at A Man & His Cave is as straightforward as enjoying a cold pint in your man cave. 

  1. Start by navigating to our user-friendly website at amanandhiscave.com, where you can browse our diverse keg selection and place your order effortlessly. 
  2. Once you’ve found the perfect beer, our team springs into action, preparing your keg within 1-3 days at our warehouse. 
  3. Expect the arrival of your keg at your location within another 1-3 days. And if you're in Sydney, there is an added convenience of an SMS notification before delivery.
  4. When you've knocked off the keg, chuck the empties outside and we'll swing by for pickup (11 weeks max).


How long does beer stay fresh in a commercial beer keg?

Beer stored in a commercial keg can stay fresh for up to 120 days when stored properly.

How do I determine which type of coupler to use?

The type of coupler required depends on the manufacturer's chosen style. For instance, Carlton United Breweries always use a D-Type coupler, while Lion Nathan utilises the A-Type coupler. In the majority of cases, the required coupler for our beverages is indicated in their title.


We're not saying ditch the homemade dreams, we even support you all the way! But when the going gets tough, why not let us serve up the goods without the brewing hiccups? 

In the realm of man caves, a keg subscription is the secret ingredient that turns an ordinary space into a legendary one. From saving dollars to savouring a variety of brews, the keg subscription experience is tailored for the Aussie bloke who knows that the best times flow best when tapped from a keg.

Remember, the perfect pour is just a keg away. Cheers for unlimited beer in the comfort of your own man cave!

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