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Installing Matt Burton's Kegerator: From the Footy Field to the Perfect Pour

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Introduction: Where Footy Meets the Perfect Pour

G'day, mate! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of NRL legend Matt Burton and his journey to the perfect pour. Matt, known for his prowess on the footy field, recently added a new dimension to his home - a Kegerator, courtesy of his friends at A Man & His Cave. In this story, we'll take you through Matt Burton's Kegerator experience, from delivery to that first satisfying sip.

A Modern Home Fit for a Footy Star

Before we get to the cold brews, let's set the scene. Matt's modern new home was stunning! But something was clearly missing... with a spacious backyard, a stunning pool area, and a beautiful deck, his home is the perfect backdrop for his brand new Kegerator - the key to unlocking the magic of having your favourite beers on tap!

A Man & His Cave | Kegerator Installation Video

Setting the Stage: The Kegerator Arrival

When Matt's Home Bar Plus Bundle from arrived, our team was eager to lend a hand with the setup. After all, the bloke is a footy legend. We confirmed the ideal location for the Kegerator, ensuring it had pride of place in Matt's outdoor entertaining space.

Kegerator Installation | A Man & His Cave

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As we began the installation, Matt, being the good bloke he is, offered a helping hand. Rest assured, we let the big fella kick up the feet while we set up his brand new kegerator system. It's not every day you get to help a legend like Matt Burton with his Kegerator.

Matt Burton Pouring Beer

The Debut Pour: Matt Burton, the Master Pourer

With the setup complete and both the SuperCrisp tap and his XXXX Gold tap ready to flow, our managing director Jaya handed Matt a glass for the debut pour. And guess what? Turns out Burto isn't just a superstar on the footy field but is also unassumingly well-versed at pouring the perfect Schooner. Onya Burto! 

Home Bar Plus Edition


Matt Burton and the A Man & His Cave Team

FAQs: Your Questions, Answered

Q1: Where can I get a Home Bar Plus Bundle like Matt Burton's? You can find Home Bar Plus Bundles and other kegerator bundles on They offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Q2: What kind of beer does Matt Burton have in his Kegerator? Matt has both a SuperCrisp keg and XXXX Gold keg in his Kegerator, ensuring he's ready to enjoy his favourite brews anytime.

Q3: Can I install a Kegerator in my home like Matt Burton did? Absolutely! Installing a Kegerator is very straight forward and will take an average of 30mins to 1hr depending on the amount of taps your system has. If you ever get stuck just contact our team on 0290558231. 

Conclusion: Cheers to Matt Burton's Kegerator

In this tale of footy, teamwork, and the perfect pour, we've witnessed NRL legend Matt Burton add a touch of magic to his home with a Kegerator. From delivery to setup, the journey has been nothing short of spectacular, much like Matt's performances on the footy field. So, here's to Matt Burton and his brand new Kegerator!

If you're inspired by Matt's story and eager to create your own perfect home bar experience, reach out to the team at A Man & His Cave. They'll help you set up your dream Kegerator, personalised to your needs and desires. Remember, with a little help, you too can enjoy the satisfaction of pouring the perfect Schooner in the comfort of your own home. Cheers!

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