Cheers to Dad: The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide for His Beloved Man Cave!

Cheers to Dad: The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide for His Beloved Man Cave!

If you find yourself struggling to find your old man a gift this Father's Day, don't worry- you're just in the right place. Dive into a world of remarkable Father's Day gifts that will revolutionise your dad's man cave experience. From Kegerators to Custom-Themed Jukeboxes, and even AFL-themed scoreboards for your dad's true team spirit, we've curated the perfect guide to make this Father's Day truly unforgettable for you and your old man.

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Father's Day

Father's Day is your golden ticket to upgrading your dad's man cave! This year, skip the predictable presents and surprise him with gifts that will make him remember you every time he’s in his man cave. 

Here at A Man & His Cave, we've cracked the code on dads and their den preferences. Is your pops a beer enthusiast? A music maestro? A footy fan? Rest assured, we've got every base covered to take his haven to the next level.



Drink Up, Dad!

A Man & His Cave's Kegerators are no ordinary beer dispensers; they're a seamless blend of technology and style and are the perfect accessory for those intense sports showdowns or laid-back movie nights. 

Delivered to your doorstep 90% pre-assembled, it's a gift that ensures the least hassle and the most enjoyment. Plus, our Kegerators boast quicker cooling times and superior energy efficiency compared to other brands in the market— making them a standout choice for the discerning beer enthusiast. 

So, if your old man's dream includes a personal bar setup, getting him a Kegerator is like laying the perfect foundation for his very own man cave

Keg Subscription

Beer, Delivered with Love

Give your dad the gift that keeps on flowing to your old man's cherished brews straight to his lair. 

You can purchase one-time or opt for our 12-month Subscription featuring Aussie favourites like Carlton Draught, Great Northern, XXXX, Victoria Bitter, and heaps more.

Every 4 weeks, a fresh 50L keg will arrive, catching a good mood on your old man’s face. Want to switch things up? No worries mate - just give us a heads-up 10 days before the next delivery.

And don't worry about flexibility - enjoy a maximum of 2 weeks pause at a time, and up to 4 weeks pause within a 12-month period. Our process ensures that kegs are meticulously prepared in our warehouse within 1-3 days, promptly loaded and delivered within 1-3 days

When you’ve got to its very last drop, simply leave the empty keg outside for pickup within 11 weeks. 

Retro Arcade Machine: Gaming Glory

Blast from the Past

Unleash your dad's inner gamer with a Retro Arcade Machine that takes him back to the glory days of pixelated adventures. With classic games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong, he'll experience the rush of nostalgia with every joystick move. It's not just a gift; it's a portal to a time when high scores were everything.

Bar Accessories

Bonza Bevvies for the Bar

This Father’s Day, we’re not letting you give anything basic for your old man. After all, what's a man cave without the perfect bar setup? 

From Custom Bar Mats that catch spills and spark conversations, to Beer Tap Decals that turn your pop’s man cave from ‘Meh...’ to ‘Wow!’, we've got bar accessories that turn his bar into the heart of the party.

And don’t forget the Bar Stools and Tables for conversations that last from arvo to early morn the next day. We have a ton of branded bar stools you can choose from— perfect for Harley Davidson fans, Vintage Petrol Brands, or even your dad’s favourite Beer Brand. You name it, we’ve got it.

Your Dad's AFL Team Themed Scoreboard

Show Your Team Spirit

If your dad is the biggest footy fan you know, then our AFL-themed Scoreboard Clocks dedicated to his favourite team will surely put a smile on his face. 

No matter if his loyalty lies with the bold blues, fiery reds, or any other team, we've got an impressive array of options that cater to every fan.

Give your dad a front-row seat to his own sports arena right in his man cave! Now, every second counts as he proudly displays his team's colours.

Handcrafted Pool Tables

Cue The Fun With Dad

You know what’s better than a pool table? A pool table gifted by dad’s beloved child. 

Sometimes, no matter how grand our gesture is to please our old man, all they want is to enjoy their sweet time in the comfort of their man caves over a good game of snooker and a few coldies on hand. 

Let your old man sink some balls this Father’s Day with our Premium Pool Tables. Perhaps you can play with him and win a game or two?

Above The Collar | Grooming Products

Make Sure Dad Is Well Groomed

Get your dad the gift of good looks this fathers day, with a gift from Above The Collar. With the best brands in men’s grooming such as American CrewProrasoLayriteReuzelTooletries , Lumin and more you’re guaranteed to get dad a gift he’ll actually use. If your dad likes to make sure his mane is well kept, they have a wide range of hair styling products, including hair pomadeshair waxes and hair gels that will make sure he achieves whatever style he desires. For the dads that work a labour intensive job and are prone to the dreadful BO, they have deodorants, and body washes that can take care of that.  Lastly for the dads that like to keep a clean face - they got the best shaving creams and skincare that will have that mug of theirs shining. Otherwise they have everything else in between, such as beard balmnose trimmers and even perfume samples for special occasions. So shop the home of men’s grooming today at above the collar and pick out a gift that he’ll actually use this fathers day. 


In the whirlwind of adult life, us here at A Man & His Cave are true witnesses that time seems to slip through our fingers faster than we can grasp it. But here's the kicker – even though we might not have endless hours to spare, we can still show our love to our dads in the most memorable way.

Let us help you make this day unforgettable not just through our awesome gifts, but by giving you the opportunity to create lasting memories with your old man.

Here's to the man who taught us so much – including how to have a darn good time.

Happy Father's Day, Mates!

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