Origins of 'A Man & His Cave'

Origins of 'A Man & His Cave'

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'A Man & His Cave' was created in February 2020 towards the earlier stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, social distancing laws and restrict groupings to a maximum of 2, unless the entire group live together. It wasn't the end of the world, but social distancing eventually led to sheer boredom, and just about everybody in the world was getting over Zoom calls. Due to the devastating spread of COVID-19, limited working hours meant that most people had an abundance of free time 


Five close mates from Sydney's East were some amongst many with a bunch of free time and no tasks at hand. One boy in the group reached out to another for help to clear his out his garage, as it was just collecting dust. The two began removing the old furniture and occasional pieces of childhood nostalgia. As the cleaning progressed, both boys noticed that garage was far more spacious than they'd initially anticipated. As the contents of the room emptied, the boys began to realise the potential this space held. By the time that the boys had removed all of the useless junk, the room's floor space spanned a massive 15m by 5m. As they stepped back and looked at the vacant garage, both of them laughed and exchanged extravagant renovation plans. 


Motivated by this newly accessible space, the two boys informed the rest of their group. As the week progressed, different members of the five-man team would go over and help improve the space as best they could; And by the end of the week, the garage was home to five new housemates, abiding by social distancing legislations. Continual installations occurred throughout the following month until their once cobweb-filled garage space upgraded beyond the technologies and entertainment devices of their own homes, including a Kegerator, Projector, Recliner Chairs, Pool Table, Dart Board, Mini-Bar Fridge and a Jacuzzi. This garage was the ultimate Man-Cave. 


With social distancing laws still being very prevalent at this time, merely buying products from bricks and mortar stores was not an option and shipping times varied greatly. To install the various luxury Man-Cave instalments was a very timely and expensive task. The fact that no two products could be purchased from the same website meant that the renovations took over two months of undivided attention. 


Although it was so appreciated when complete, the Man-Cave's negative cost and time factors sparked conversation one afternoon while playing pool. Ideas started surfacing about sharing their passion for this new-found space with others as the group collectively envisioned an online store that included all things necessary to build the perfect Man Cave.

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