Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay
Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay


Master Simulator Series Bundle | Golf Simulator Bay

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Golf Simulator Bay Size:

Golf Simulator Bay Size

Launch Monitor:

Launch Monitor

Additional Golf Turf:

Additional Golf Turf


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Why Buy From A Man & His Cave

Introducing the Simulator Series Golf Practice Net. Push Button Quick Colour Connect Setup, Compact Design, Floating Polyester Screen and can be used with any Golf Simulator Software.

Each and every Simulator Series Practice Net is premium handcrafted quality and Made in the USA.

The Simulator Series Bundle Features:

    • Lightweight & Strong - Tubular Aluminium Powder Coated Frame.
    • Super Safe - The Entire Bay is Sewn With our Proprietary High Impact Netting Which Withstands Ball Speeds of 225 mph / 362kmh.
    • Floating Display / Polyester Impact Screen.
    • Side Barriers for the ultimate protection. 


    • Aluminium Powder Coated Frame. 
    • Launch Monitor (Of Your Choice)
    • Pro Series Simulator Impact Screen (size dependent). 
    • Net Side Barriers. 
    • Pro Turf (1.83M X 3M)
    • 2 x Black Carry Bags


    • Simulator Software.
    • Projector. 
    • Projector Mount Frame Kit.
    • Computer and cabling. 
    • Please contact us regarding any of the above, if you are to have any questions.


Simulator Series Specifications: 

Simulator Series 8Ft Bundle  Simulator Series 10Ft Bundle  Simulator Series 12Ft Bundle 

Frame Height: 8'10" (Rear Display Bar) 270cm

Frame Height 8ft 10" (Front Horizontal Tubing) / 269cm

Frame Width: 8ft / 244cm

Frame Depth: 3' 6" / 107cm 

Frame Height: 8'10" (Rear Display Bar) 270cm

Frame Height 8ft 2" (Front Horizontal Tubing) / 250cm

Frame Width: 10ft / 305cm

Frame Depth: 3' 6" / 107cm.                 

Frame Height: 8'10" (Rear Display Bar) 270cm

Frame Height 8ft 2" (Front Horizontal Tubing) / 250cm

Frame Width: 12ft / 365cm

Frame Depth: 3' 6" / 107cm.                 

Simulator Series Assembly Instructional Video 


PROJECTOR INFORMATION: We recommend the Viewsonic Projector Model #PJD6552LWS OR the Optoma GT1080 HDR short throw projector

NOTE: For the 8Ft Bundle you will want to use a 4:3 Aspect Ratio Vs a 16:9 Aspect Ratio for the 10Ft and 12Ft due to the squareness of our screen.

To test the exact size of the picture that will show up on the Simulator Series screen with your projector model, consult the manufacturers projector distance calculator. This allows you to plug in the projector model you are using, distance from screen, aspect ratio, etc. providing you with an exact picture size ahead of time.

Below is a link to a generic projector distance calculator, from Projector Central for you to use as an example -



SkyTrack Launch Monitor   FlightScope Launch Monitor 

SkyTrack enables you to have your own gold practice range in your home, hit at simulated targets, play challenged, participate in games and enjoy your practice time much more than ever before! 

Wedge Matrix 

    • Hit a variety of shots with up to four wedges. Learn your distances for pitches, 1/2 shots, 3/4 shots, and full swings! 

Shot Optimiser

    • The SkyTrack accumulates data and produces a series of numbers for you to analyse after each shot. On top of this, the SkyTrack shows you where your numbers should be.

Shot History 

    • Get to know your game with the ability to review, analyse and adjust based on your shot history.

Player Skills Assessment

    • Create up to 10 target stations and practice with a purpose. 

Bag Mapping 

    • Dial in your yardages and always pull the correct club. 

Practice Randomiser

    • Practice with a purpose. Set a minimum and maximum distance and let the shot tracking begin! 

Check out this SkyTrack Commercial HERE 

The FlightScope Mevo+ is a premium launch monitor and simulator you can use outdoors or indoors for a full-featured golf simulation and practice experience. IOS Compatible - simply connect it to your Mac, iPad or iPhone. 

Wedge D-Plane

    • Eliminate missed wedge shots with the most accurate and consistent wedge D-Plane data in the industry

Fusion Tracking

    • Patented technology that combines 3D tracking radar and image processing for unmatched data accuracy

Data and Video Combined

    • Capture data and automatically clip video from multiple camera feeds for every shot.

Full Swing and Short Game Data

    • Includes 16+  full swing, chipping, pitching, and putting data parameters.

Environmental Optimiser

    • Adjust your environment to plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes.

Practice Anywhere

    • 5 ready-to-play golf courses and 17 virtual driving ranges for all types of shot practice.  

Read the Buyer's Guide HERE 



The questions is, should you use a golf launch monitor to improve your game? If you want to hit longer drives, more accurate iron shots, better putts, or all of the above - a good launch monitor can be key in making that happen. Using one of our launch monitors to practice your golf, you’ll have all the data you need to make informed decisions and fact-based changes to your swing. Here are some further benefits of using a launch monitor:

  1. Improved Performance: Launch monitors provide accurate and detailed information about a golfer's swing, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to their swing mechanics. Resulting in more consistent shots, greater accuracy, and longer distances.
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making: A Launch monitor provides the golfer with objective data about their shots. This data can be used to make informed decisions about their equipment, such as club selection, and to optimise their practice routines to address specific areas of weakness in their game.
  3. Entertainment: In addition to being a valuable tool for improving your golf game, launch monitors can also be a lot of fun to use. Many launch monitors offer a variety of games and challenges that can be played alone or with friends, making for a fun and engaging golfing experience.