Recipe Kit - Fresh3 - Beer Belly Belgian Ale Fresh Wort Kit With Yeast - Full Recipe Kit

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Fresh3 - Beer Belly Belgian Ale Fresh Wort Kit with Yeast - Full Recipe Kit

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This Fresh3 [Fresh Cubed] Fresh Wort Kit is for those who dabble in the Belgian world of Blondes, Dubbels, Tripels and Quad Trappist Style Behemoth brews but also want to mix it up and add some new world European hops to the mix. For a traditional Saison style without any hops we would suggest going the Fresh3 - Lager - Base with Lallemand's Belle Saison Yeast. As that combination is an absolute classic, dilute to your liking strength.
But from here on out we're going to ride the Belgian New Wave and that wave is 8% big!, it packs a punch of that classic Belgian flavour with some awesome hop back bone. Throw in some Xoakers if you want to add that oak taste that the true great Belgian Monasteries have by fermenting in Oak barrels. We won't delve into Lacto, Brett, Pedio and all the other fun wild stuff that you could do, that's for you to go nuts with.

Stay calm, concentrate..take a breather and focus that monkish energy into not spilling a drop into that fermenter. Boom! you did it! Add that yeast, and crank that temperature up to the 25°C mark if you want to hit 88mph and go back in time with Doc to see real-time Monks making some Trappist Nectar.

This Recipe Kit Includes:
1 x Fresh3 Lager Base
1 x 11g - Lalllemand Diamond Lager Yeast Sachet
*No added dry hops for this recipe.


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