Recipe Kit - Fresh3 - Dundee Draught Lager Fresh Wort Kit With Yeast - Full Recipe Kit

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Fresh3 - Dundee Draught Lager Fresh Wort Kit with Yeast - Full Recipe Kit

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This Fresh3 [Fresh Cubed] Fresh Wort Kit pays homage to the True Blue Aussie Spirit. A simple draught that gets the job done rain or shine.
We could go on and on about the premium malts and the water profile balance to craft a truly smashable beer, but my guess is that you are the type of operator who says bugger that! Give me a Handle/Schooner/Pint or screw it a Jug for one and make sure it's bloody cold.

To get this puppy humming away nice and clean try and keep the fermenting temperature between 10°C and 15°C. Fermenting in an old gumtree/marketplace fridge, Kegerator, RAPT Fridge anything with temperature control and capable of cooling and heating for a diacetyl rest is 10/10.

This Recipe Kit Includes:
1 x Fresh3 Lager Base
1 x 11g - Lalllemand Diamond Lager Yeast Sachet
*No added dry hops for this recipe.

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